केन्द्रीय बहिरा उच्च मा. वि., नक्साल काठमाडाैंकाे

स्वर्ण महाेत्सव २०७३ सम्बन्धी बिशेष कार्यक्रमहरूकाे जानकारी

छिट्टै अाउँदै छ  प्रतिक्षा गर्नु हाेला ।

धन्यवाद !


Establishment of Deaf School

The institution that was established in Bir Hospital was transferred under the guidance and supervision of National Children Organization in Naxal .From the building of that organization the formal education for the deaf was established .In 2034 National Society Service Co- ordination was established and the school was run under this institution though the financial responsible taken by Ministry of Education. The school was conducted and run through the management of Welfare Society for the Hearing Impaired Organization and was funded under the Special Education Council as a branch of Ministry of Education. It has been running as its own School management committee since 2064 and moreover this Central Higher Secondary School is the first school for the deaf in Nepal.

Objectives of the School

  • To develop all the skills and make a competent person for the nation.
  • To develop the deaf education and expand its education
  • To develop proper sign language and develop  effective teaching.
  • To develop proper education for the deaf with  co ordination of national and international organizations and agencies.
  • To provide free education for the deaf.
  • To fulfill all the objectives denoted and determined by the government of Nepal.
  • To provide the opportunity to get higher education for the deaf.
  • To expand this school till deaf university.

Contact Details

Central Higher Secondary School for the Deaf.


Address : Naxal, Kthmandu, Nepal


Tel : +(977-01) 4410179.


Mob : +977-9841979608


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