Teaching instruction

 he deaf students can not hear and teaching through speaking can not be considered better for the deaf so, it is necessary to teach through visual and for that the sign language is necessary medium to teach for teaching. Besides the sign language, other teaching materials are used to teach for them.

Some challenges appeared in present context

As we mentioned before this is the first school in the field of deaf .there were four students at the beginning and each year the students are increasing. In present context the numbers of students are 400. The buildings built before 45 years are not so good to be used. The number of students denoted to put and teach in the classroom  is 12 but in our school there is the condition of putting 35 students in some classes. There is possibility of accidents in any time because of the old buildings in any time. There are small buildings scattering everywhere because of that there is scarcity of playground for playing. There is the problem of drainage. These buildings are not so safe from the point of security. In Katmandu Valley there is only one deaf school and the students who come from far distance are facing the problems of transportation. Three buses donated from different institutions are old and time and again there are problems of mending theses buses. So each year there is the problem of transportation.

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