Donated people and organizations for this school

  • The Government of Nepal: Salary of the teachers, staffs and scholarship for students.
  • Infertility Service Co-ordination  Committee (dissolved ): donated to construct a building
  • SAP Nepal: donated to construct a one storied flat.
  • LBH Denmark: Constructed one flat building and donated a bus.
  • Rotary International :One storied building, library, recreational hall, computer lab and  has donated a bus
  • Kumari Association: Scholarship for some students’ includes Hostel facility for some and for some bus fare.
  • Katmandu Municipality: Donated some computers
  • FNC (Friends of Needy Children): Scholarship and bus fair for some students.
  • NRN: donated a Maruti van.
  • Indian Embassy : donated a Bus.

Our Supportive Member