Physical aspects
  • There are four buildings of this school inside Balmandir and a ground
  • There is one library room and one re- creational hall.
  • There are facilities of drinking water and toilets.
  • There is a science lab.
  • There is a facility of canteen.
  • Three buses are used to carry the students.

Educational aspects

  • Pre primary classes (1, 2, and 3)
  • Classes are run from 1-12
  • Optional subject is optional math and population.
  • There are computer classes from six classes to twelve classes.
  • Involvement in SLC from 2055.
  • Sent –percent (25 students) pass in appeared examination of 2068.
  • There are 35 students studying in classes 11 and 29 students studying  in class 12.

Economic status of the school

  • Free educational facility till 12 classes and mainly there is not proper source income for this school.
  • Minimum fee charge is taken from the students at hostel and  for bus fare.
  • The salary of the teachers and the staffs are provided by Special Education Council
  • Contribution from government and non -governmental originations to make buildings, chairs and furnitures.
  • Donations for library, canteen and recreational home from international organizations.


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